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The Tournament Generator works great, it really calculates everything!

We use the Tournament Generator for WK Nederland In a few clicks you have set up a total tournament, it really calculates everything! Works great and saved a lot of time!

Vadym Zellner, Life of Football

Proud partners

Our platform is used for various companies, organizations and sports associations both professional and amateur! Ajax, THE STING the MBO college Zuid sports & exercise, as well as the local darts club are examples!

Master classes

We give master classes, courses and workshops in tournament organizing. Learn how to organize a tournament in 8 steps. We pay attention to key components before, during and after your event. Using course materials, videos and of course our platform, we will teach you all the ins-and-outs!

Ideal for your association, club or team outing!

The Tournament Generator is ideal for organizing an event with a tournament, from small to large. Children’s party, company outing, Fifa tournament or large-scale sporting event.

Free up to 8 teams

Trying for free is really nice. For individuals, associations and companies.

  • No payment details required
  • Deciding which upgrade you want
  • Try the functionalities / modules for free.

Premium use

For organizations, clubs, competitions, federations who want to make frequent use of our application.

  • All in price for unlimited use
  • Support provided for sponsor acquisition
  • Private events
  • Ad-free
  • Support possible
  • All available features / modules

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